Inside The Mix | Music Production and Mixing Tips for Synthpop Producers

#88: Why You Should be Social on Social Media | Audience Growth Accelerator Challenge PART 5

May 26, 2023 Marc Matthews Season 3 Episode 88
Inside The Mix | Music Production and Mixing Tips for Synthpop Producers
#88: Why You Should be Social on Social Media | Audience Growth Accelerator Challenge PART 5
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Welcome to the final episode, Episode 5, of the Audience Growth Accelerator challenge! In this concluding episode of our podcast mini-series, we are dedicated to assisting frustrated artists and producers in their pursuit to grow their social media audience and engagement. Are you seeking effective strategies to grow your following on social media? Do you find yourself puzzled by the reasons behind your stagnant social media following? Are you eager to learn how to increase your social media engagement? Look no further!

This five-part series has been carefully crafted to provide you with actionable steps that you can implement today to make a significant impact on your audience growth and engagement. In this episode, we delve into three important topics: the importance of being social on social media, leveraging the accounts of others through live content, and the detrimental effects of spamming DMs.

Being social on social media goes beyond simply posting content. We explain why engaging with your audience, responding to comments, and fostering conversations are crucial for building meaningful connections. Additionally, we explore the benefits of going live to tap into the reach and influence of others, allowing you to expand your audience in a powerful way. Lastly, we highlight the negative consequences of spamming DMs and emphasize the importance of genuine and respectful communication.

To further accelerate your audience growth and engagement, don't forget to download the "5 Essential Tips for Boosting Audience Growth and Engagement" guide. It's packed with valuable insights and practical tips that will help you achieve your social media goals.

If you're ready to unlock the secrets of social media success, this mini-series is tailor-made for you! 

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Marc Matthews:

You are listening to the Inside The Mix podcast with your host, Mark Matthews. Hello and welcome to the Inside the Mix podcast. I'm Mark Matthews, your host, musician, producer, and mix and mastering engineer. You've come to the right place if you want to know more about your favorite synth music artist, music, engineering and production, songwriting and the music industry. I've been writing, producing, mixing, and mastering music for over 15 years, and I wanna share what I've learned with you. Hey there folks, and welcome back to the Inside The Mix podcast and welcome aboard if you are a new listener, and don't forget to hit that subscribe button and to all the returning listeners, as always, a big welcome back. Now welcome to episode five, the last episode of the Five Day Audience Growth Accelerator Challenge. Exciting times folks. So what am I doing? I'm bringing you a special series of podcast episodes, all about growing your audience using social media. If you haven't checked out episodes 84 through 87, I strongly suggest you go and check those out and give them a listen before diving into this one. So what are we doing in this episode? Well, we are exploring why it's important to be social on social media. Now you think it goes without saying, but you'd be surprised. So let's dive in. So here we go. This is the first tip and it's network, network, network. Now imagine you're in a situation whereby you've got all your content planned, you've got a scheduled, it's out the way. Now what you wanna do is dedicate some time each day, ideally just to go through social media, your platform of a choice. Now, this is why it's important just to have one platform that you are dedicated to because we are all under time constraints and you only have a certain amount of time. And if you are dedicating yourself to more than one platform, it's gonna eat up your time very quickly. But if you're using one platform that you dedicate 10 minutes to. You can quickly go through your feed and you can start showing support to others through comments shares, and you can show interest and develop relationships that way, and start that networking. So that's my first tip. So here's my second tip, and this is a really easy way to generate content and get. In the good books of the algorithm for with Instagram, for example, and that is to go live. Now. Going live is great in that you can schedule it and you can promote it beforehand. And another great thing you can do with going live, and you'll see I push this quite a lot, is to get other people to join you via video. Cuz when someone joins you via video, you'll then automatically pushed out to their audience as well. Also, what you wanna do is when someone joins your live, it's to get them to comment. Like and share the live. Okay, so you wanna be doing that every time someone joins? And if you watch me when I do the producer's corner of a Wednesday, yes, the attendance is mixed. I might, one week I might have two people. Another week I might have 10, 14 people. But I'm always pushing them to communicate, to get involved in the chat, and also like and share. And going live is really easy. I mean, you don't have to do anything in the run up to it. You can just go live. It could be you in the studio, songwriting, it could be just you. Given a bit of feedback on a piece of music someone sent you, or you might just be doing an ama, ask me anything, something along those lines. So I strongly suggest if specifically, if you use an Instagram, go live and get other people involved, and if you can get them involved via video, even better. So here's my next tip folks, and it's quite an important one. Don't hold DM people with links. Okay? You need to establish a relationship beforehand. Don't just send random people our Spotify link, a YouTube link without any context. It's spammy. Don't do that. Establish, develop a relationship first through that networking, and then you can send links for others to share. You could put it in. Group chats, et cetera. But don't just spam people with links. You'll quickly full file of the algorithm and worst case scenario, you'll get blocked and you'll get reported. So don't hold DM with just random links. And also, this is another thing thinking off the top of my head. Now, when you post a link in a group, for example, on Facebook or whatever it may be, yes, by all means, put in there a link to your video, to your music, but give it a bit of context, ask for some feedback. Bit of context behind how it, how it was created. Don't just paste, copy, paste a link in there, because what you'll soon see is if you're part of numerous groups, you'll just see the same post every time without any context. And if you're anything like me, you'll probably just ignore it. So give some context specifically when you're posting in groups as well. Okay, so this is the final tip for this whole mini-series. Um, and it's really two, to be honest. I'm gonna start with this first one, and it's one thing as I've noticed that works really well in dms in particular when I'm networking and talking to people, is to use audio messages. It's much more personable, and specifically, if you only have a finite amount of time, it's a lot quicker to get your point across using an audio message. Another great thing that, uh, I do as well, and you, you, you may notice this if you followed me on Instagram. Is if you're a new follower, I'll send you an audio message. Uh, detailing will rather say Thank you for supporting the podcast and then detailing an episode for you to listen to if you're new to the podcast. So you could do something similar. If I appreciate, if you've got a lot of new followers, maybe just pick 10, pick a day of a week, a Monday, and just pick 10 most recent followers. Send them an audio message. Saying thanks for following. If you haven't checked out my material yet, you can check me out here and then just put a link in the chat. It's a really nice personal touch to networking. Okay, and this final one is a recommendation, and this is a recommendation to go and read the Go Giver Parable by Bob Berg. It's a really good short story. Parable about how to become a person who gives, okay, a go-giver. And then what you get in return is tenfold. So I'm not gonna go into massive detail now. I'll put a link in the description, but go check it out. It's a fantastic parable and it's great for you if you want to build an audience and build engagement. So go check it out. Okay folks. It is now that time, it is the final action point of this mini-series, and here's what you need to do. It's just one, you need to dedicate 10 minutes a day for the next 30 days to leave comments and share content that resonates with you and your audience. But don't be spammy. So no cold dms with links, folks. So that's 10 minutes a day on one platform as well, just one. Platform, the one that you chose way back in the first episode of this miniseries. And that's it folks. That is the end of our miniseries dedicated to growing your audience and engagement online. There should be like a fanfare or something going on, but uh, maybe next time we'll do that. We'll see how it goes, see what the feedback is to this miniseries as it's the first mini-series we've done on this podcast. So I haven't covered everything in this, and this is just going from the experiences I've had in the last two years. With promoting my own music, my services, and more specifically really promoting the podcast and seeing the exponential growth. Which is amazing for the podcast and its testament to the audience. You guys listening cuz you are amazing and I cannot thank you enough. Now going back to social media, I'm well aware that the goalposts regularly change and I, lot of what I said in a few years time will probably be outdated and then need to come back and recover what we've been through today. But if you stay consistent, Put in place some of the stuff that I've covered over the last five days, I guarantee you will see results. Okay folks, I'm gonna leave you with this at the end of this mini-series now, and, uh, I'm gonna go against the advice I gave you in the previous episode with CTAs and, uh, I'm gonna throw another one at you here. I want you to hit me up with your experiences, both positive and negative. With regards to this mini-series, it is the first time that we've delivered a mini-series. And, uh, if it's successful, it's something that I wanna do again, going forward with other topics, mixing, mastering, whatever it may be, music production. And, uh, I wanna know what your thoughts are. What was good, what was bad about it? What can I improve? What I want you to do is, uh, hit me up. Get in contact DME on at Inside The Mix podcast at Inside The Mix podcast on Instagram. Or you can email me inside the mix podcast If you create some content and you want me to push it as well, please do tag me in that content and I will happily share it with the podcast audience on Instagram. Okay folks, I hope you've got something out of the last five episodes and once again, do get in contact with me as I will reply to every message, and I'd love to know your thoughts.

Why you should be social on social media